Remy, Raw Virgin or Nah!?


I for one have no shame in saying I was all types of confused when I first started rocking weaves! Like what the hell is going on! You got synthetic hair, human hair, remy hair, virgin remy hair, virgin hair and raw hair.  Just when I thought life couldn’t get any more confusing!  But fear not beauties, this should clear things up!

Today we are going to look at Remy, Raw and virgin hair as those hair types are the most popular and seem to be the ones that cause the most confusion.  That being said let’s go!


  •  Virgin hair! In the simplest form, virgin hair is hair that has not been chemically processed what so ever. That means no dye, no perm no nothing!! NOTHING! Also note that virgin hair can be collected from one or multiple donors.  (for those of you that do not know, hair can be either chemically or steam processed.  Steam processed hair can still be considered virgin hair as it does not consist of the use of any chemicals.  I will discuss hair processing and hair donors in greater detail in another post)
Virgin Hair


  • Remy! Remy hair means all the hair follicles are aligned in the same direction.  This is what prevents  hair from tangling and matting. Keep in mind Remy hair can still be processed with chemicals or steam.  Therefore,  you could have Virgin Remy hair or just 100% human Remy hair. (Virgin Remy hair, is hair that has not been chemically processed and is less likely to matte or tangle & 100% human Remy hair is human hair that may have been processed and the hair follicles are not aligned which means you are more likely to experience matting or tangling. Whether you experience severe or minor tangling will be influenced by the overall quality of the hair.)


  • Raw! Raw hair is considered to be la crème de la crème of all hair! Now I must warn you, it doesn’t always look glamorous at first at that’s because the only processing the hair went through was hackling (see pic below) which is a manual process done in order to remove as many short hairs as possible, mix or blend hairs, untangle the hair.  This also prepares the hair to be single/double drawn.  Actual raw hair is commonly known to have nits in it! But once you cleanse, deep wash and condition that bad boy hunny I promise you it’s like gazing into paradise! The most beautiful natural hair you’ve ever seen and that’s because it is natural! The best thing about raw hair is its longevity.  There is almost no expiration date on raw hair as long as its properly cared for and treated like the precious gem that it is! I mean don’t get me wrong, it won’t last forever but you sure will get many years of use out of it!  Typically raw hair is collected from one single donor.  It has been argued that you can still have raw hair that is collected from multiple donors as long as the state of the hair is not altered in any way.  I personally disagree with that however, as this industry is not regulated and most people seem to split 50/50 about that rule I suggest you do some independent research and come to your own conclusion.  Reach out to me! I would love to know where you ladies stand on that!.
hackle 2
Hair Hacking!


That pretty much sums it up!!  I know I know it seems confusing but I promise you it’s really not all that bad! Read & Re-read this post as many times as need be!  Remember understanding these basic rules will definitely ensure that you know what your buying & your buying what you want!



Bella Bomb Hair & Beauty – Beautiful Hair & Beyond

Keepin’ It Fresh!


Ok! So you finally got your hands on that Bella Bomb Hair!! But let’s face facts, even great hair will look trashy if it’s not maintained.  Here are a few tips to help & you keep your hair looking healthy & fancy!


  • Brush your hair everyday with a soft paddle brush or wide tooth comb (always brush/comb from the ends to the root). Detangle your hair before washing it & before going to bed


  • Co-wash your hair regularly it will keep your hair moisturized


  • Use lightweight oils NO HAIR GREASE! (Don’t use heavy products this weights the hair down which causes it to look limp and lifeless)


  • Sleep with a silk bonnet or silk  head tie.  This will protect the hair from drying out, breakage and matting.


  • Use  sulfate free shampoos.  Sulfate will strip your hair of its moisture.  This can lead to split ends. (Consider that hair extensions do not get any natural moisture as the hair is no longer alive, using shampoo that contains sulfate will dry out your extensions which will cause breakage & tangling)  Sulfate can also strip strands of its color keep that in mind if you have colored  your extensions.


  • Keep your scalp moisturized! Ladies do not neglect your own hair while rocking that fabulous weave! (you can avoid dandruff & itchy scalp from using tea tree oil)


Taking care of your weave is essential in order to ensure its longevity and quality.  Treat your weave as though its your natural hair.  If your the lazy type (no shade!) stick to straight hair as it requires low maintenance! Be sure to check back for a detailed post on caring for curly hair extensions!


If you divas have any questions about taking care of your Bella Bomb Hair, feel free to reach out to us! We are always happy to help!



I am my SISTERS Keeper

There’s nothing in this world that compares to the love, care & encouragement received from a woman.  Us women have the power to groom young girls to women and boys to men.  We are a powerful sisterhood when united!  Don’t let anyone ever try to tell you otherwise!  Tell them to take several seats cause we ain’t here for it!  Not today Satan!

That being said, ladies, I am proud to announce the launch of our new program called SISTERHOOD!  Sisterhood is all about empowering each other and strengthening our communities.  Every time you place an order with us $5 from your order will be donated to our charitable event fund.

Through your orders you will be helping various great causes that will help so many people across North America, and we plan to keep you posted every step of the way!

Our events are aimed towards African American communities.  Now before anyone gets to quick with their tongue let me explain why we have decided to move in that direction. From the beginning of time African American women have been the target of hair extension companies across the world.  Hair extensions have essentially become a part of our culture.  Ranging from weaves to braids you name it! We all know that buying hair don’t come cheap, and yet no price is ever too high for a good weave! So here we are giving these companies millions & millions of dollars year after year keeping their pockets nice & fat.  What’s in it for us!? NOTHING!  Well we would like to put an end to that.  We will take OUR money and keep it flowing through OUR communities!  It’s time for all of us to put our money where our mouth is & start looking out for one another as best as we can.

 Bella Bomb Hair & Beauty is so excited to start giving back, we sure hope that you are too!  Remember, united we stand divided we fall.





Who is Bella!?



Ladies & Gents welcome!

My name is Tanisha, I am the owner of Bella Bomb Hair & Beauty!

We are an up and coming hair supplier that wants to help you take your hair game to the next level without breaking your pockets!

If your anything like me you want to look good, feel great but no go broke in the process.  For far too long we have been subjected to bad hair extensions with prices comparable to paying rent, utility bills or even a months worth of groceries.  Leaving a lot of women/men in a position where they are forced to make a choice between looking good, feeling confident or paying their bills. Bella Bomb Hair & Beauty wants to cut that mess out! Yes, you do pay for what you get and we will touch on that in a few other posts.  However, expensive hair extensions are not necessarily good & affordable hair extensions are not necessarily bad!

Our goal is to provide you with luxurious hair extensions at an affordable price, maintaining a superior level of quality and never compromising our integrity.

So put your shopping hat on! And join the Bella Bomb Hair Squad!  Get the hair you’ve always wanted at a price you can actually afford!

If you have any questions please don’t be shy!  We would like to help you in any way can!  send us an email at and we will get back to you within 24-48 hrs.



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